cupcakeMAG Littles: Over On Babble {Giveaway for MOMS!}

If you don’t follow me on Babble – you can do so here where I blog about all things during my 5th pregnancy. From my doctor appoitments to my weekly updates to my favorite products and more!


Well, today – my post was for those soon-to-be mommas or those who already have a Little. For those who don’t want to read about these kinds of things — I am sorry, cupcakeMAG Littles will be re-launching soon but for now, please don’t stop reading! Just skip this post. 

Anyway – I revealed the ultimate breastfeeding products for nursing moms on and I am giving a handful away! Check out the products and why you must stock up now! Oh, and enter to win below!

Giveaway: Simplisse Double Electric Pump, Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tank, Pariday TendHer Set, and a OhBabyChic Nursing cover! You can thank me later when you’re a breastfeeding success! {Almost a $500 value!}

How to win: Tell us why you need these products! This comment is mandatory. You also must be an email subscriber to cupcakeMAG. And yes, we check! The more you comment, the better chance you have to win! Become an email subscriber here. Make sure you verify it too!

For extra entries you can do the following below and leave a separate comment for each letting us know. The more you comment the better chance you have to win!

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3. Make sure you “Like” cupcakeMAG on Facebook and say hi!

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7. Pin on of the images above with a link to this post to a Pinterest board and show us.

We will select a lucky winner via on July 23rd after 11pm, EST. Please make sure you enter the mandatory comment first before doing the extra entries

Please note: Winner will be revealed on the cupcakeMAG Facebook page.

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  1. Shera says

    I need these because I’m currently breastfeeding and working full time and my current pump is on it’s last leg :(

  2. Desiree T says

    I am 32 weeks pregnant. I would really love this giveaway because I am also a mom of two that is in college. I want to be a midwife, and really need to get back in the spring If I want to complete that goal within 7years. I breastfed both of my kids, no bottles. I’m HOPING to do this again 12++ months, maybe 2 years. I would love to not lose my supply before 12 months like I did with my kids, Pregnancy etc.
    I will most likely be able to continue ebf after returning to school if I have shorter classes, but more days of the week. Still a pump will help wonders.

  3. says

    Oh gosh! I woudl definitely use the Bliss bra. The nursing bras I used with my first child didn’t really fit me well and I found them incredibly uncomfortable. I also had to pump, and the one we ended up with simply wasn’t very high quality…so these items will come in super handy with the next one (due in November)! Thank you for the chance to win!

  4. Melissa H. says

    I need these items because we have our first baby arriving next month! I am going to be breastfeeding, so these would be wonderful to have!

  5. AMber says

    I would love to win these products for my first baby due in Nov. Money is tight and every little bit helps!

  6. Angie E WAyling says

    I’m pregnant with baby #5 and my manual pump and nursing tanks have all seen better days. It would be so nice to have some extra comfort for myself while feeding my baby!

  7. Cheryl V says

    I need some new products since my breastpump died and I really want to continue nursing my son as long as I can.

  8. JC says

    Failed the first time at breastfeeding, really want to make it work this time! Thanks for this post today.

  9. Karissa says

    I need these because I’m due in less than 4 weeks with my second baby and I’m so unprepared and behind this time around.

  10. sam says

    I am a first time mom and would love to have all of these things to make breastfeeding a success!

  11. Katie says

    Thanks for the super helpful article on Babble! I though to myself that I have to put these products on my seemingly endless “to buy” list but figured I’d try to win something first! I’ll be a first time mom this November and need all the help I can get! I plan on breastfeeding and any / all of these products sound amazing and worth giving a try. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  12. says

    I could really use all of these items. Just had a baby, she’s two mos. I’m nursing & pumping & my medela which was used for two other kids has just kicked the bucket. :(

  13. Lesley C. says

    My bundle of joy will be due next month and I would love to win all these breastfeeding products! I am expecting my 3rd and am really really determined to make breastfeeding work this time around. My first 2 were unfortunately quite unsuccessful (mastitis with the first and not enough milk on the 2nd). This time, I feel fortunate that there’s more support, info and products available. I’m equipping myself with all the info necessary by reading lots and lots of books and asking around for advice! Hope I win! :)


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