An Update on cupcakeMAG’s Editor in Chief

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Hi Readers!

Just an update on our wonderful Editor In Chief, Casi. As you all know she is expecting baby number 5, her first little boy! While she has been so excited about her next baby, this pregnancy has come with some complications. Because in the life of cupcakeMAG…there is never a dull moment!!


Please read Casi’s most recent write-up on Babble HERE to get the full update on what is going on and why she is in the hospital.  Casi shares all the details of her current pregnancy and updates with her pre-term labor.


This is why Casi has her Team! So she can rest and follow doctors orders (or at least try to!). As much as she wants to work, because we all know she is a workaholic, she needs to focus on her and baby right now! The fact she has no internet connection at the hospital will force our fab Editor in Chief to get the rest she needs!


Please say some prayers for Casi and her baby boy on the way! We are all thinking of her and her family as they are going through so much right now!

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  1. Anita says

    Bravo Cuz…we’ve never met, but I am thrilled that you have succeeded doing what you love to do. Great pages!

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