Beauty Confession: Obsessed with Boscia

From The Desk Of | Kate 

Oily skin? Dry skin? Unruly skin? Sensitive skin? I have had it all. I have gone through almost every product on the market to make my skin clear. I have been mixing and matching everything in an attempt to get the perfect combination + I think I have finally found it. The answer? BOSCIA!

I have had numerous fighting matches with Proactiv, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear — all of the others too. However just recently I gave Boscia a try & WOW have I seen results. I have NEVER had a clear complexion but thanks to Boscia it is possible.
My regime? Washing with Boscia Purifuing Cleansing Gel then moisturizing with Boscia Clear Complezion Mousturizer with Botanical Blast (this is my secret weapon). So for everyone out there who has “tried everything”, give Boscia a try + hopefully you will get the results you have been looking for!
Oh, and it’s preservative free plus you get 3 free samples with every order. Just a few more reason we love Boscia. 
xo, Kate
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